Repair of welding equipment and welding machines of any manufacturers

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The PWM service center repairs welding equipment and welding machines of any manufacturer. Including repair welding inverters, repair of semi-automatic welding, repair welding MAG, MIG, TIG, etc. The PWM service center is equipped with everything necessary to diagnose breakdowns and maintenance of Solaris equipment, and everything needed to perform labor-intensive and responsible repairs.

Repair of welding equipment and construction tools

Repair of welding equipment and welding machines of any manufacturers

At the slightest problems and malfunctions in the work of building or welding devices, it is important to apply for service and warranty service in a timely manner, avoiding large-scale breakdowns, failure of key key units and spare parts.
Welding machines are a complex electronic type, which, in the event of a malfunction, is very difficult and impossible to fix on its own.
Modern welding equipment, as a rule, is characterized by reliability and durability of operation. But there are cases when the equipment still fails and requires repair or service.
Repair of welding equipment must be performed by a specialist who has:

  • necessary equipment, for example, an oscilloscope or an arrow amperometer;

  • radio-installation tools.

Using them, a good master can quickly and promptly repair a semi-automatic machine and restore the efficiency of welding equipment.

Features of the welding inverter and its repair

Repair of welding equipment and welding machines of any manufacturers

Repairing a welding inverter is a complex process, therefore, to begin with, it is worthwhile to get acquainted with the operation of the unit itself in general terms. During its immediate operation, the inverter converts energy several times in succession into the following types:

  1. AC electric power that comes from the electrical network. Then, with the help of rectifiers, it is converted into direct current electricity.

  2. The resulting energy flow in the inverter module is converted to the category of alternating current, but with an exponent of high frequency.

  3. Then the high-frequency voltage drops to the level required for welding.

  4. The AC welding power is converted to a DC voltage by a rectifier of the output type.

It should be borne in mind that welding equipment of a new type has complex algorithms for device and operation, therefore it is unacceptable to repair welds yourself. Qualitative servicing of semi-automatic welding machines, inverters and other equipment guarantees a long duration of its operation and a lack of high capital repair costs.
Usually, repair of standard equipment, inverters, semi-automatic machines takes from 1 to 7 working days from the date of transfer. The repair time depends on the severity of the failure and on the availability of repair parts in our warehouse and from suppliers. If the equipment is broken a rare margin, it will need to be ordered from Solaris (but this is very rare cases of 1 out of 100), because of this the repair time can increase by the time of delivery, up to 1-2 months. In this case, we will immediately inform you in advance.

To simplify the repair and recovery work, the welding inverter consists of several electronic modules:

Repair of welding equipment and welding machines of any manufacturers

  1. network rectifier;

  2. Inverter-type module;

  3. module for output type rectifier;

  4. an adjustment board with keys for control.

All installed modules are consolidated with various electronic elements:

  1. semiconductor type components;

  2. resistors;

  3. capacitors;

  4. relay;

  5. Awesome.

If you do not understand the principle of interaction between these elements, you should contact our company to restore the operation of the unit.

Our team of qualified service masters PWM is engaged in the restoration of automatic welding installations, semi-automatic, as well as inverters of many brands and models, qualitatively, reliably and on time in time.
Our repair laboratory has the necessary equipment for troubleshooting of various types. We also provide the services of specialists with relevant qualifications and sufficient experience in working with welding equipment.
If you need a quality after-warranty repair, your welding semi-automatic or inverter breaks down, we will provide all the necessary services.

Stages of repair of welding equipment and any other electronics and electrical engineering

5 simple steps to repair the PWM service:

  1. You transfer your equipment to PWM
  2. We diagnose it one working day
  3. Calling up to you, informing about breakages and about necessary expenses for repairs
  4. You decide whether or not you agree to repair
  5. And in the end, you take away your equipment!

Comprehensive after-sales service

Our corporate clients require special care, which we will gladly give you. In the case of comprehensive service, PWM provides the opportunity to carry out repair and maintenance services, both in our workshop and at your company. We are ready to discuss all your wishes and offer you favorable terms.
It is worth noting that before starting to repair welding equipment, the master conducts complex diagnostics of equipment, performs inspection and assesses the degree of abrasion and seizing of the basic components and components. Only after these measures is formed the final cost of repairing the unit. If, for some reason, it is necessary to increase the price for restoration, this issue is agreed directly with the customer. In order to carry out proper and timely repair and prevention, our specialists use only original spare parts for the welding machine with the use of modern equipment of the latest generations. Our company provides only reliable services with a quality guarantee of up to a year.

Repair of welding equipment and welding machines of any manufacturers

Repair of welding equipment and welding machines of any manufacturers

Repair of welding equipment and welding machines of any manufacturers

Repair of welding equipment and welding machines of any manufacturers